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I can't miss one b/c if i miss it I think i can't live any more. I always said, why do they always make the super attractive one's the villains? Although I have a lot of complaints about the series, I have to admit, what I like about it is the ending is unpredictable. That idiot deserves the cruel punishment she gets from that family now once I think about it. i hope she will not have a happy ending cause the heavens do not give blessings to evil people! all of them seem to meet at the same time which is not the case in real life!

I don't think it was right that Dojin's mother was treated poorly by Jun, however, her character is so full of her self, she's after the Cho's money. I cannot stand the arrogance of the new guy who wants Bongi for himself and ruined her cake and forced her to have his birthday dinner with him. This show is like a disease and contagious, captured my attention. I got the impression this is story is base on true to life. Although this one (smile again) quite unrealistic, I still hooked to it coz need to know what will happen to saewa, dojin and her mother. I don't normally follow Korean dramas but my wife loves them.Dongi and this series. I look forward to this drama every night..though some part of the stories are quite unbelievablely Saewa is always at the right place and the right time..that's ridiculous..

I love this drama, but it can be weird at the same time. ^.^ F Y I Sea-Wa, Rumors ridicules you coz you played by the role. Smell the coffee or tea my dear, coz you will have cheer!!! Hoping to watch you another round, smile again and play just fine. why couldn't they make her go after the guy that's going after Bongi?? It'll be such a treat to see them desert that other evil lady. I'm not a fan of the characters much, but I have to admit Saeyong is so adorable i like this drama a lot... Hate, hope, faith but the greatest that conquers all is LOVE! The suspence built up in this drama is very very addictive. i can't even study for matric(grade 10 national examination)i ever think about is how z story is gonna end.i think z drama will end on z day we're finishing our's gonna b one hell of a celebration! i got hooked on this soap opera series and look forward to it nightly.

All the actors are so cute especially Lee Jangwoo and Ji Changwook. What I appreciate so much about this story “Smile Again” – KBS made it so genuine for viewers who are Christian. No one is perfect in this world but if KBS continue to make story like this, nothing can go wrong. I love the characters, & thumbs up for "Anna Laker" -her acting is so convincing as a mentally disabled woman! Technically, they could not done it if it wasn’t for you! I am so in love with this show I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see what will happen next I am starting to get Addicted to this show every one in my family thinks I am weird but oh well Keep the drama coming KBS Eventhough smile again has too many silly coincidence of main character but the acting is very good.. she is my favorite character whom most of the time is tring to help out saewa without really know what is saewa intention. Very intriging and touches people's lives Everyone have theory but this one puzzles me There's provoking question! I hope this story never end I love all of them.....

Carl Laker, who was born as "Dong-Hae," is a young man from the U. His mother, Anna Laker, is an adoptee from South Korea. Nevertheless, Anna Laker was able to raise her son alone. I have seen melodrama but the show takes it to extremes with the villains doing the most spiteful things possible (Park se Jung looks the epitome of evil as se hwa in a larger portion of the show). Do Ji-Won is already in her forties(if I am not wrong) but still look so youthful and beautiful : D The plot may be nice but the writer did not look into facts. It makes her acting looks fake with no real feelings. Have patience guys, your insides will heat up way past the boiling point, but once you reach the episode 120 , karma/payback strikes the baddies. This will be my 2nd most favorite long series (1st is Ugly Alert : D) Whereas I liked this drama overall, it was about twice as long as it needed to be. I think the saddest part though had to be when WARNING SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED YET Jun told Anna he only saw her as a memory while he truly loved Hyesuk. She is a good mom to her son and raised a great man. I also don't like Seawa's mother, She does not really care for others as long as she could keep her family in tact.

Carl Laker competes in a short track speed skating competition as a U. skater and also plans to marry his Korean girlfriend Sae-Wa (Park Jung-Ah). Tried this mainly for Ji Chang Wook and the plot novelty (for me) of the central characters being a mentally challenged mom and her son and their struggles to achieve their dreams. I cannot feel any chemistry between Bonyi and Donghae because she over-acted her part from Ep 1 till the end. I loved watching the show..was a shame I had moved to an area and missed out on the last episodes of the show. Something about the korean drama's always seemed educational and fun. Then my boyfriend and I moved in together and I told him about my favorite show. Sure it had some low points, like some exaggerations now and then, but towards the end, I was moved by characters like Hyesuk and even cried at her parts. I hope you are disabled in your next life as your karma. To her every thing is about the hotel and is ever willing to take away from the real owner, Mr Cho who is like a father to her. Taehoon /Saeyoung – crap like a meal extra on the side.

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i would like to see more of the good people winning instead of the bad. It is too long and its getting very annoying waiting for the ending. I'm getting addicted with this Smile again :-) i really want to know what will be happen with saewa n Dojin's mother once they know that Anna is mr/mrs.cho's missing daughter!! In Ethopia most pople enjoy this drama the characters are awesome donghae is an ideal person he is so kind& bong-yi smart ,agood actress her family so good .

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